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This involves a further treatment to the glass and sills of your property.

It's normally an extra service which we charge for, but for you it's free

and will also enhance the quality and look of your windows, making your regular service wash even better and more  professional service. Some of our regular customers ask for this service when required and this is charged at double there agreed window cleaning price. The beauty of the "Ultimate Clean" is that it can be requested at any time.

So don't delay and call us to check availability in your area.

We are your leading Window Cleaner for a reason and places are limited.

                              The "Ultimate Clean" explained below



window 1.jpg
window 2.jpg
window 3.jpg

      Ultimate clean start                Pure water is then sprayed      Your windows are cleaner

 This is a typical example of       cleaned as normal, however    and the frames are cleaned

 a first clean. We choose this    our cleaning formula is added   to a much cleaner standard

 treatment for a long term         to give a deeper longer lasting

clean in mind.                             clean. The benifits are obvious

The "ULTIMATE CLEAN".          and instant to see.

Never Beaten On Quality.

 Tel: 07583 595615

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